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Family Law

Legal Representation in Jackson,MS

Family Law Matters in the entire State of Mississippi.


With so many legal firms in the Magnolia State, choosing the right firm to represent your Family Law Matter can be complex and time consuming. The Regent Group, PLLC, seeks to eliminate the frustration of deciding on a firm and provide you with solutions during this difficult time. Our firm is led by Charity S. Robinson who believes that even during a time that may seem challenging, you aren’t alone. We will use our legal expertise and compassion to navigate you during this process.

Counsel & Advice

We understand that compassion is just as important as skill. Even when the marriage ends, the family should not.

Our firm guides clients through such complex matters as:

Child Custody

During a divorce​, child custody becomes center stage for deciding what is in the bestinterest of the child(ren). Unfortunately, this issue can also become the hardest issue forthe parents to resolve. The Regent Group, PLLC, believes that even though themarriage ends, the family should not. When there are custody disputes, our firm willensure that there is a reasonable and fair parenting plan in place that serves theinterests of the children. Even if the child custody case is not related to a divorce, ourfirm can help.

Charity Robinson will bring her expertise to resolve any custody disputes that arise. Fullof passion, compassion, and years of experience; Attorney Charity Robinson will ensurethat an amicable solution is met. We will achieve an amicable solution that will be metthrough negotiation, settlement by mediation, and lastly litigation. Our firm will guide youthrough this process and provide you the legal support needed.

Child and Therapist
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You can depend on our firm to do what’s in the best interest of the children in Hinds, Madison & Rankin Counties.

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Child Support

Mississippi Child Support​ guidelines include:

  1. Calculated based on gross adjusted income of the non-custodial parent.

  2. 14% for 1 child;

  3. 20% for 2 children;

  4. 22% for 3 children;

  5. 24% for 4 children; and

  6. 26% for 5 or more children.

  7. Adjusted gross income is calculated by taking all eligible income and subtracting taxes, other child support, and Social Security contributions.

Mother and a Child

There are many additional factors that affect Child Support. Our firm will go over everydetail of your case. We ensure that no child is left behind and every child receives thesupport they need.

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You can depend on our firm to do what’s in the best interest of the children in Hinds, Madison & Rankin Counties.

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Call our firm when your “I do” becomes “I don’t anymore”. Divorce is an emotional process and healing can sometimes take a very long time. Although we can’t help you through the hurt, our firm is more than prepared to navigate the legal process for you. Deciding to have the conversation with your spouse about a divorce usually doesn’t come easy. But once you make the decision, you need to find legal representation to protect your interests.

Family Dispute

The main two divorce grounds will be (1) Fault based divorce, and (2) Irreconcilable Differences. A fault based divorce requires proof of the alleged grounds claimed. Mississippi fault based grounds include

  • Adultery - Allegations of adultery will not prove this ground.

  • Habitual Cruel and Inhuman Treatment

  • Desertion

  • Drunkenness or Drug Use

An Irreconcilable Differences divorce can be granted for several reasons but both spouses must agree on the filing grounds and the property settlement. A common my this that the spouse who files first receives the most favorable outcome. That’s not necessarily true. The outcome will depend on many other factors none of which can be determined until the actual process begins.

Our firm will go over every aspect of your divorce case with you. From beginning to end, we will ensure that your divorce is fair and equitable. Call our office to discuss your divorce in more detail.

Other Family Law Matters Our Firm Handle Include

  1. Estates

  2. Trusts

  3. Wills

  4. Power of Attorney

  5. Alimony

  6. Paternity

  7. Prenuptial Agreements

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